About Us

Bali Sourcing Agent is an experienced and professional sourcing and buying agent based in Bali Indonesia. We are supported by hundreds of manufactures and craftsmen spread across the island of Bali, Lombok and Java. We and the team had experiences in sourcing services over 10 years to assist wholesalers, retailers and private buyers from various countries to buy and import a various range of products from Indonesia. Our team has depth knowledge and experience in most industries such as furniture, handicrafts, home d├ęcor, batik sarong, apparel, textile, etc. 

We impose strict requirements for suppliers which involves: the production capacity to meet the specified delivery schedule, the quality of products that comply with the standard quality set by each buyer, the efficiency of production to lower cost, the production environment that meets health standards for workers, and the implementation of Ethical Trading to ensure the suppliers do not employ underage workers or treat their employees badly. We proactively provide information and guidance to all vendors on any issues relating to production, labor, raw materials and the environment.

We are partnering with major freight forwarders and shipping lines, therefor we can provide the lowest rate for both air and sea shipments to all parts of the world. This also allows us to provide the total shipping solution and track the consignment from buying, quality control, packing, loading, and shipping to arrival with you. You then have only one company to contact, saving a great deal of your time. We also can do act as in-country quality control agent if you have already working with manufacturing partners in Indonesia. We apply the same exacting standards as to our own and we assure everything will be taken care for you.

For buyers who plan to come to Bali to buy stuff for personal use or for business, we provide a Buying & Sourcing trips program. This program will give buyers the opportunity to see many different products directly to suppliers or manufactures. During the trip our team will assist you to find appropriate suppliers, price negotiation, placing order, etc.  We also can book your hotel room that suits your budget as we have a good cooperation with local hotels, ticketing & travel agents, immigration, etc to ensure your comfort while staying in Bali. Please contact us for buying trip details and booking.

Our Commitment to the Implementation of Ethical Trading.
Bali Sourcing Agent confirms to compliance with all the legal requirements and standards which are applicable for conducting the business in Indonesia.
We and the suppliers are abiding by the following principles in conducting the business:

  1. Child Labor
    No worker is appointed unless he meets the applicable minimum working age requirement or at least 18 years of age, whichever is greater. We comply with all applicable child labor laws.
  2. Involuntary Labor
    We never use any labor of any kind, including prison labor, debt bondage or forced labor.
  3. Disciplinary Practices
    We never engage in corporal punishment or other forms of mental or physical coercion with regard to its employees.
  4.  Wages & Benefits
    Our wage and benefit structure, including overtime compensation, always comply with all applicable laws and regulations.
  5. Health & Safety
    We take care in providing a safe and healthy workplace for its workers, including their residential facilities, if provided, and comply with all applicable laws and regulations regarding occupational health and safety.
  6. Equal Opportunity
    We never discriminate in hiring, salary, benefits, advancement, termination or retirement, on the basis of gender, race, religion, age, national origin, political affiliation, or any other personal beliefs or characteristics.
  7. Environment
    We comply with all applicable environmental regulations.