Sourcing Service

If you do not have a chance to come to Bali, simply just provide us the information as much as possible regarding your desired products, including but not limited to product images, material uses, dimensions, estimate order quantity, targeted prices etc. We will then source them and send you the price quote with details. 

We have established relationships with a diverse group of suppliers and factories throughout Bali, Java and Lombok, as the result we can match existing product specifications as well as source new products, and most importantly to generate significant cost savings for our clients.

With our experiences over 10 years in this business, we can ensure that you find what you are looking for in the shortest possible time. And, because we do this on a regular basis you can be assured that you will have far less hassle than if you try to do it for yourself.

As soon as we received the inquiry from buyer, our team immediately contacted several suppliers and determine appropriate suppliers to discuss the products with all the requirements requested by the buyer. During a meeting with suppliers, our team will discuss about the quality of products, production lead time and to negotiate the prices. 

At the end of the meeting we give some time for suppliers to calculate the lowest prices possible they can make. And then we choose one or more suppliers with the lowest prices to be used as a reference for our price quote. In the price quote contains detailed information about: production lead time, minimum production for certain items (if any), item unit prices, volume or weight each item, the cost of packing, and estimate shipping cost. Our standard price terms offered is FOB port of Surabaya Indonesia. The buyer may also ask prices based on ex-works Bali, CF and CIF. This sourcing services covering several aspects of the activities below:

Pro Forma Invoice
Based on the price quote we will create a Pro forma invoice. Once the buyer confirmed the pro forma invoice, we will require a 50% deposit to start production. For orders shipped by sea, the remaining payments are paid within 5 days after receiving copy of shipping documents from us either by fax or email. For orders using air shipment, a full balance payment to be paid prior to shipment of goods.

Production Process
Before mass production, we will send a high-resolution photo of each item to be approved by the buyer. If become necessary, we can send sample of each item at buyer cost. Production lead times vary according to the number and type of items ordered, and greatly of time of the year when orders are placed. Production times usually take 45 to 70 days for most of the items. Our production and delivery time frame estimations start from the day of receiving of funds as a deposit

Quality Control (QC)
The quality control is the most important thing must be done on every purchase of goods. Our experienced QC team does multiple QC checks starts from raw materials, middle of production process till finished goods. But however, we give the option to the buyer either to use our QC team with no charge or appointing an independent QC team to conduct quality control.

Secure Packaging
We are requiring secure packaging to protect goods during transport and transit. Naturally, glassware and carved items will get special packaging, while wooden furniture the protection is given to the parts that coincide. Type of packing which are used: wooden crates, corrugated boxes and single face corrugated.

Document & Shipping Arrangement

We have been exporting various products to many countries around the world since 2005. We always up to date with newest regulations and requirements of export-import in each country of export destination. We deliver your shipments to all available destinations around the world with 2 shipping options and both are safe and traceable which is described in detail in the shipping & logistics section.
For more information regarding our sourcing service please feel free to contact us.