Quality Control

We pay full attention to the quality of the products with no tolerance in accordance to the quality standards set by the buyer. Our quality control measures are the best and are of such a high standard as we perform quality checks included raw materials used, middle production, quality of workmanship, quality of finish, consistency and moisture content. 

The high level of QC Inspection we provide is one of the reasons for our key success and is an integral part of our overall services. The basic goal of our quality control is to ensure that the products meet the specific requirements. Items that are damaged or do not function correctly which are beyond services or repair are not accepted.

Rejected products could mean a delay in shipping and this is why we keep our clients fully aware of the progress of their orders. To avoid this, our team conducts frequent QC inspections during production. It is also why we plan the delivery of products ahead of the shipping dates to allow for goods to be serviced or replaced.

For furniture, our experienced QC team look for any possible defects in the actual construction of the product, strength of joints, gaps in joints, proper use of nails and screws. They focus on the quality of the wood, looking for knots, any discoloration, repairs and weaknesses. Once this is complete they consider the actual finish of the product and the overall presentation of the item. Finally, our team will check for function ability of each part such as draws, and any other moving parts.

Another crucial thing that should get attention is the moisture content of the products made of wood. The items with high humidity levels may get mould or break easily when exposed to extreme temperatures. The lower the humidity levels of wood the better.

For buyers who are already working with manufacturing partners in Indonesia, we can and do act as in-country quality control agent. We apply the same exacting standards as to our own.