Q: What actually Bali Sourcing Agent do?
A: We assist overseas buyers to source for quality products with affordable prices from Bali Indonesia. Our services cover all aspects which included; finding appropriate suppliers or manufactures, prices negotiation, placing order, production progress monitoring, quality control, packing and collecting the goods, handling export-import documents and arrange the shipment.

Q: I want to buy and import some products from Indonesia for very first time, is it possible for you to help?
A: Since many years we have been assisting the buyers from all over the world to import wide range of products from Indonesia. And, because we do this on a regular basis you can be assured that you will have far less hassle than if you try to do it for yourself.

Q: We have worked with several suppliers in Indonesia for many different products. Can you help us monitoring them, conduct quality control, and arrange the shipment?
A: Yes absolutely, as this is exactly what we do. We would consolidate your order as one, providing quality control, production control, balance payment and collection of goods.

Q: I will come to Bali next week to buy some furniture and home d├ęcor for my new house. Do you have an idea where I should go?
A: We have a buying trip program for buyers who come to Bali to source and buy the desired products, either for personal use or for business. Please visit our Buying Trips section in this website for details.

Q: I have bought furniture in Bali and would like to find a reliable forwarder company to handle this shipment since I was not happy with previous forwarder company.
A: Please see Shipping & Logistics section for details.

Q: I am very interested in importing handicrafts from Indonesia but I have no time to come to Indonesia. Is it possible for you to source them for me?
A: Simply provide us with as much information as possible such as: a sketches or images and specifications including materials, color, size of the products that you are looking for and we will set about sourcing those items and our team will send you the price quote with details.

Q: I have produced some products at some suppliers in Bali. Is it possible to handle the shipment including all the documents needed?
A: Yes we can. We are partnering with one of the largest international freight forwarder companies in Indonesia, enabling us to provide with the safest and the lowest shipping rates. And we always up to date with newest regulations and requirements of export-import to many countries.

Q: Secure packaging is very important for me, I want to know how you pack the items.
A: We chose the safest packaging devices based on characteristics of each product, which include size, weight, shape and the material used, to ensure the products arrive in good condition. We use bubble pack to protect fragile items, corrugated cardboard and corner protection for furniture, plastic bag and carton box for garment and handicraft products, wooden crate it built around for heavy items such as a big stone statue, etc. 

Q: Why do I need Quality Control?
A: Yes absolutely, to ensure your goods delivered have the same specification and quality as those ordered.

Q: How you do the QC?
A: We perform quality control at production facilities of each vendor, starting from raw materials selection, middle production and final production, packaging process until the goods loaded into container. For furniture items, our experienced QC team look for any possible defects in the actual construction of the product, strength of joints, gaps in joints, proper use of nails and screws, as well as,  checking the function of each part such as doors, drawers, etc.

Q: What is the delivery time?
A: Production lead times vary according to the number and type of items ordered, and greatly of time of the year when orders are placed. Production times usually take 45 to 70 days for most of the items. All goods are made to order. At the time of order we will send you a pro-forma invoice and advise you of the specific delivery schedule. Our production and delivery time frame estimations start from the day of receiving of funds as a deposit

Q: What is your price terms offered?
A: Our standard price terms offered is FOB port of Surabaya Indonesia. The buyer may also ask prices based on ex-works, CF and CIF.

Q: What is your minimum order?
A: A minimum total order value for retail is USD500 and USD2500 for wholesale. There is no minimum order quantity for order placed during buying trip.

Q: Why can I trust Bali Sourcing Agent?
A: We are proud to maintain permanent credibility with our clients. We have been in this business over 10 years assisting wholesaler, retailer and private buyers around the world to source and import wide range of products from Indonesia. The majority of our customers are repeat buyers.

Q: What should I do if I can't find an answer to my question?
A: Please contact us and we will assist you in anyway we can, and provide you with any information you request. Your satisfaction is our utmost priority.